We Can Keep Families Together

SEIU members are calling Congress to protect immigrant families

By: Antonia Rivas, Child care worker, SEIU Local 99

By: Antonia Rivas, Child care worker, SEIU Local 99

Forty years ago, I fled El Salvador because I feared for my life. With help, I have rebuilt by becoming a U.S. citizen and a member of the SEIU union family.

Leaving home wasn't an easy decision for me but it’s a choice that I, and many other immigrant families, are forced to make. Coming to America saved my life. That’s why I'm speaking out in support of TPS holders and immigrant youth known as DREAMEers too.

320,000 people, SEIU members and their families have fled natural disasters and civil war to build a better life in this country. Now, under the Trump administration, they could be forced back to face the same chaos and danger unless Congress acts now to protect Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and pass a clean DREAM Act.

Hard working DREAMers and TPS holders have been living, working and positively contributing to our communities for years. Immigrants are strengthening our economy and creating millions of jobs every year by running a fifth of small businesses across America and doing the work that families depend on. They care for children, tend to the sick, help the elderly, and secure our offices and airports.

Nobody benefits from sending good people into life threatening situations. It is cruel and irresponsible for Congress to not step in and stop this. This administration has already repealed DACA and ended TPS for families from Nicaragua.

As an immigrant, I am a part of a long tradition of people who came to America to build a better life and I am determined to help others do the same to achieve their version of the American Dream.

Join me in calling Congress to demand they protect TPS holders and pass a clean DREAM Act before the holidays. We are stronger when we stand united. By joining together in our union, we can get a seat at the table to push for better wages, lift our poor communities out of poverty and our immigrant communities into safety.  

Repealing DACA and ending TPS hurts our communities and economy. We have a responsibility to speak out against this. Congress needs to hear your voice.  Make the call now: 1-888-204-8353

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