We’re voting for a country that works for us!


Here are a few reasons why you should join us.

If you still cringe when you hear the words “2016 election” know that you’re not alone. That’s why SEIU members are knocking doors, making calls to voters and getting out the vote to make sure working people are heard on November 6.

We are standing beside leaders who will push a bold progressive agenda that includes $15 and a union and affordable healthcare. We also want leaders who will reject the politics of division and hate that hurt all Americans - white, Black, and brown. Here’s a few more reasons why we’re voting:

1. We want good jobs and union jobs are good jobs.

Jeryllyn Jeanes

“With the union, our jobs and our families are protected. But our rights are under attack. The only way to ensure we have good union jobs in the future is to vote.”  

-- Jeryllyn Jeanes, janitor and SEIU Local 1 member, Wisconsin

2. Our children’s futures are at stake.

Patricia Moran

"It's time for a new vision for California’s children. Our next generation’s ability to move forward requires California commit to investing in an educational system that prioritizes early care and education and equally values the work of those who make it possible. That is why we are working hard to elect leaders who will stand up for children, their parents and early educators and invest in all children and families." 

-- Patricia Moran, family child care provider and SEIU Local 521 member, California

3.  Affordable healthcare should be a right for all, not a privilege for the wealthy few.

Anthony Punchard

“I'm voting to advocate for people with pre-existing conditions, protect the patients I serve, and to uphold the values that my family instilled in me to make sure that everyone has access to a quality education from elementary school to college.” 

-- Anthony Punchard,  pre-op/ recovery nurse and SEIU Local 1107 member, Nevada

4. Everyone needs an opportunity to succeed.

Jarad Fennell

"I firmly believe America can be great for everyone, but we will not achieve this goal without standing up together for change. That will mean speaking up, taking action and voting for elected officials and against amendments that would prevent us from expanding opportunity to all Floridians – Black, brown and white." 

-- Jarad Fennell, adjunct professor, Florida

5. We need to higher wages and an economy that works for all of us.

Precious Crawley

“Here in Wisconsin, workers like me are facing stagnant wages and healthcare cuts because of politicians who don’t care about or understand what working people need. As a single mother of three children, I can’t provide for them on $7.50 an hour. With a $15 living wage and the right to organize and form a union, I’d be able to afford the cost of living for my family and have good medical care. My vote will go to the candidate who supports these issues and stands behind low wage workers.” 

-- said Precious Crawley, McDonald’s worker, Wisconsin

Now, that you’ve heard some great reasons why you should vote, do you have a plan? Find everything you need to vote here.

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