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Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: Michigan


A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

Ar’ Nisha Daniel

As of today, 9% of our members across the country have already cast their ballots in this election!

SEIU members and Fight for $15 activists across the state of Michigan have been knocking on doors in every kind of weather imaginable, phone banking, and texting family and friends as part of a coordinated GOTV program. They’re working to build a bold, progressive vision for Michigan's future by engaging voters on $15 and a union, healthcare, and electing a new pro-worker governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Nowhere is the need for new leadership and responsible development more evident than in cities like Detroit and Flint, where investment has been anything but equitable. 

We’re lucky to have Ar’Nisha Daniel, one of our newest MPOs, on the campaign.

Ar’Nisha has been a union steward for a little over two years, but didn’t know what to expect when she signed up to be a member political organizer. “It was new to me,” she says, “I never really thought twice about politics before. I would vote for President but that was it.”

For the past eight weeks, Ar’Nisha has been visiting other SEIU members at home and at worksites to talk about the upcoming election. She also acts as her team’s data organizer, entering information about voter commitments and COPE contributions into VAN.

Through her work as an MPO, Ar’Nisha realized just how many people–especially young people–feel the way she used to feel about politics. Now Ar’Nisha says she’s committed to educating her community about the role elections play in our everyday life–from housing and wages to schools and drinking water. "It’s so important that we help keep our people informed about what’s going on in our state and cities,” she says.

We’re with you, Ar’Nisha. Go team!