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California Fast Food Workers Union: Launched!


Hundreds of fast food workers gathered to launch the first-ever statewide fast food workers union!

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Earlier this month, hundreds of fast food workers gathered in Los Angeles to launch the California Fast Food Workers Union (CAFFWU), the first-ever statewide fast food workers union.

The California Fast Food Workers Union will fight for racial and economic justice for the half a million fast food workers in this state as part of the Service Employees International Union.

Watch our launch video and share now >>  And if you’re a fast food worker in California click here for more information about joining CAFFWU.

“The California Fast Food Workers Union is for all of us cooks and cashiers, half a million strong, who work hard every day to provide for our families and support our communities. The big companies that employ us want to ignore us and make us feel small — but through our union, we’ll show them that when we join together, we can’t be ignored,” said Laura Pozos, a Los Angeles McDonald’s worker and Steering Committee Member of the California Fast Food Workers Union.

We’re hitting the ground running. This year, we’re focused on 3 core priorities:

Annual Wage Increases: To ensure workers’ pay keeps up with the cost of living, secure the maximum annual wage increase possible under the landmark FAST Recovery Act, a 3.5 percent annual increase during the first 3-year standards cycle of the Fast Food Council.

Just Cause: Advance new protections to protect workers against unfair, at-will firings — which employers frequently use as a cover to retaliate against workers for asserting their rights to organize on the job.

Opportunity to Work: Advance new rules to ensure workers are scheduled for enough hours to sustain themselves and their families, including by offering current workers additional hours or open positions at other stores before bringing in new hires.

Watch the launch video here >>