Countdown to Election Day–Spotlight: Nevada


A message from SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry

As of today, 156,147 of our members across the country have already cast their ballots in this election! In many states, this weekend is the last chance to vote early.

SEIU MPOs in Nevada are doing something right, because nearly 40% of our members here have already voted early! In Nevada, we’re working hard to elect Steve Sisolak for governor and Jacky Rosen for Senate and, most importantly, to engage hundreds of thousands of working people in conversations about the urgency of electing leaders who will support unions and defend healthcare. Roxy Valladares of Las Vegas is one of the members leading this charge.

Roxy has been hard at work for months campaigning to elect a new governor and a new Senator for her home state of Nevada. Roxy works as a legal secretary in the Clark County Public Defender's Office and is a member of SEIU Local 1107.

“As someone with a pre-existing condition, the number one issue for me is healthcare," Roxy says, “I have type-1 diabetes, and I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for my health insurance. Senator Heller promised Nevadans he would defend our healthcare, then went back on his word. We can’t have someone like that representing us.”

Last week, Roxy spoke at a rally with Bernie Sanders about the importance of electing pro-worker candidates. She’s also been reaching out to her fellow SEIU Nevada members–by phone, at home, and at work–to “set the record straight” and urge them to vote early. Roxy says: “I tell people, ‘our employers are into politics, and they make decisions that affect our lives. If they’re more engaged than we are, we’re in trouble, because they’ll be the ones calling all the shots.'"

Just a few days left, folks. Let’s do this. 

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