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Fight for $15 activist getting out the vote for the right to join a union


Fighting for a better future for her kids


Wanda Lavender, a Fight for $15 and a Union activist is a part time fast-food worker at Popeye's and a part-time worker for a local daycare in Milwaukee, Wis. Between the two jobs, she works 160 hours every two weeks. In addition, she’s raising 10 children - six of her own and four nieces and nephews. Lavender is struggling to make ends meet without adequate benefits or fair wages but is inspired by the Buck’s community benefits agreement. Seeing how fair wages and the right to a union can help working families she continues to fight for $15 an hour and the right to form a union. 

In her free time, Lavender has committed to door knocking in the Milwaukee area for the midterm elections. She understands the importance of this election. With firsthand knowledge of how Governor Scott Walker’s cuts to Wisconsin’s healthcare and his efforts to keep the state’s minimum wage at $7.25 an hour affect working families, she’s motivated to get out the vote for candidates who put her issues first. She's fighting for a better future for her kids and change her community.