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Public employee in Oregon won't let her voice be taken away by Supreme Court


"We will come out of this stronger than ever"

A Sara Campos Photo

My name is Sara Campos and I work in the Oregon Department of Human Services in Salem, Oregon. I’m also a proud member of SEIU Local 503. SEIU members like me are rising up today to say that no Supreme Court decision is going to stop us from sticking with our union.  We’re going to stay united so we have the power in numbers not only to fight for higher wages, affordable healthcare and dignified retirements, but also so that we can stand up for all people—white, Black or brown, in our communities. This attack on our rights by right-wing billionaires requires people like me to fight back for working people - and I’m 100 percent confident that we will not let our voices be taken away. We will come out of this stronger than ever.