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It’s a Global Day of Action: Demand action on climate change


To change everything, it takes everyone

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Next week, we’re joining the Peoples Climate Movement and partners from around the world, in bringing tens of thousands of people from around the world into the streets to show our elected leaders that we demand action on climate change.  

The fight for environmental justice is inextricably linked to the fights for economic, immigrant and racial justice because the effects from climate change and environmental dangers disproportionately affect the neighborhoods and jobs of working people—particularly people of color. Now is the time to engage and mobilize our communities for climate, jobs, and justice.

Pledge to join tens of thousands of people around the world taking action to demand bold climate action on September 8th, and beyond.

Our communities, our planet, and our future depend on a climate movement that reaches all corners of this country. To change everything, it takes everyone — and with your help we can build a sustainable world for generations to come.

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