Thank you, SEIU family!


we are very thankful for having such a great labor family that steps up when someone is in need, especially after natural disasters such as Hurricane Florence

By: Local 2604, Southern Region Workers United

By: Local 2604, Southern Region Workers United

Hurricane Florence hit us hard in North Carolina back in September. At the time, in the midst of rubble and flooding, we focused on keeping folks safe and preventing further loses in those disappearing roads and crumbling houses. We knew our SEIU sisters and brothers across the country had our back. The SEIU family has made a huge difference for all of us at Workers United, Southern Region, Local 2604. And we truly appreciated it! Our sister Danielle says it perfectly: " I appreciate The Union and all that they do to help us in our time of need. Thank you."

Fellow members' support has been essential to get back to our sense of normalcy.  It has helped, for example, to catch up with bills, like Mary: " I will be putting this towards my light bill.  My insurance claim finally came through for the roof, so I’m just going to play “catch-up” now." Or Reyna: " Thank you.  Every little bit helps!"

This support has also made a better Thanksgiving to many of us -- still flooded on repairs and insurance forms. That was the case for our fellow members JaMecca and Elbert:

"This will help out with my Thanksgiving dinner shopping.  Thank you so much!," said JaMecca, a Local 2604 member working at Brook Brothers

" This is going to help out a lot with Thanksgiving.  This is right on time!," said Elbert, also a Local 2604 member. 

And some members were able to get presents for their families on Black Friday. " I’m going to add my check to my Black Friday money so I can go shopping for my grandbabies," said Lela, a Local 2604 member who was able to give a nice holiday to her grandkids. Samantha, another member at Brook Brothers, was especially happy for the timing: " Right on time for the holiday! That’s what I’m talking about!!!"

We are deeply touched by the love SEIU family has sent our way and our sister Louetta expresses better than anyone: "I’m just grateful. This isn’t something that anyone had to do for us, so I’m just grateful for the blessing." We knew that we belong to the big SEIU family and now we know that our sisters and brother won't blink for a second to show solidarity.

In conclusion, we are very thankful for having such a great labor family that steps up when someone is in need, especially after natural disasters such as Hurricane Florence.

" This is a blessing, and I’m so thankful!" Gina Williams, Local 2604 President.

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