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The Year of the Worker: Roberto Martinez’s Story


Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

Roberto Martinez Crop

Along with record levels of inequality came an unprecedented and powerful response from working people. Throughout 2019, from nurses and fast food workers to factory workers and school employees, we demanded better working conditions and our right to a voice through a union. We rallied, protested, marched and even went on strike to fight for good jobs and the better futures our families deserve. 

And those actions resulted in big wins. Together, we’re reshaping our country and demanding a fix for the rigged economy. That’s why we’re celebrating 2019 as the year of the worker. Check out some of the top victories working people have won by coming together to demand better this year.

McDonald’s Workers Win $26 Million Settlement Over Stolen Wages

The Worker: Roberto Martinez, McDonald's Crew Member
What He Won: In November, tens of thousands of McDonald's workers in California won a $26 million settlement over widespread wage theft.

In addition to the $26 million payout, McDonald’s must abide by strict guidelines related to overtime, rest breaks and uniforms.

"It’s encouraging to hear that worker’s voices around California are finally being heard through this lawsuit, but it shouldn’t take six years for our company to pay attention to us,” said McDonald's Crew Member Roberto Martinez, referring to how many years ago the class-action lawsuit was filed. “That’s why I’m speaking out today. ...Let’s join together and continue fighting so that we’re treated fairly on the job and can care for our families!"

This win is just the latest action taken by workers to hold McDonald’s accountable for worker issues. Read more here.