The Year of the Worker: Stacey Bias’ Story


Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

Along with record levels of inequality came an unprecedented and powerful response from working people. Throughout 2019, from nurses and fast food workers to factory workers and school employees, we demanded better working conditions and our right to a voice through a union. We rallied, protested, marched and even went on strike to fight for good jobs and the better futures our families deserve. 

And those actions resulted in big wins. Together, we’re reshaping our country and demanding a fix for the rigged economy. That’s why we’re celebrating 2019 as the year of the worker. Check out some of the top victories working people have won by coming together to demand better this year.

West Virginia Nurses Win Their Union, Stand Up for Patients

The Worker: Stacey Bias, Critical Care Float Nurse 
What She Won: Nearly 1,000 nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital in West Virginia joined SEIU 1199 West Virginia/Kentucky/Ohio after a majority of them voted “yes” to win a union, fighting against short staffing and abusive mandatory overtime. 

The November 13th vote is one of the biggest victories in West Virginia since it became a "right-to-work” state. For over 40 years, RNs have worked side-by-side with SEIU members in every area of Cabell Huntington Hospital. Coming together in a union will give nurses a stronger voice at work, so they can deliver the highest quality care possible.

“My co-workers and I know the best way to advocate for our patients and support our families is through our union,” said Stacey Bias, a Critical Care Float Nurse at Cabell. “We look forward to sitting down with hospital executives to negotiate a union contract that allows us to take better care of our families and the families of our community.”   

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