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SEIU locals, activists spread the word online and off about the importance of voting during National Voter Registration Day


Stress the need to put people in office who will help bring America through the coronavirus disaster

000 Essential

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, workers across the country are struggling. The failure of Senate Republicans to pass key legislation means that frontline workers continue to lack the personal protective equipment, job protections and hazard pay they need to stay safe. Also, the lack of federal funds is plunging state and local governments into crisis. 

It’s clear that working people need to put people in office who will fight for all of them and help bring America through this disaster. However, things won’t change if people cannot vote and that’s why voter registration is so important. SEIU members and their allies are posting on social media using #MyVoteIsEssential and #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and encouraging people to visit to register. 

To kick off the day, San Francisco janitors took to the streets to show that essential workers have the power to decide this year’s elections--from the White House to local elections. Their message was clear--working people don’t need politicians who use fear to divide them, they need to come together more than ever to get America through this. 

And the stakes have never been higher.

"I wasn't told that someone in the building I clean had tested positive for COVID19. I had to find out on my own. That is unacceptable. I have a 19-month-old child. I'm on the bargaining team & on ZOOM calls with these cleaning companies because they are too nervous to meet in person. But we're out there every day cleaning. Nine of our members have DIED from this virus. We need PPE, fair pay & healthcare NOW," said janitor Khadijah Tamine.