We Know What’s at Stake Because We’ve Been Living It

"Our vote is essential; the voices of women of color have been held down for too long."

By Queen Freelove, child care worker, New Haven, CT, SEIU 2001 member

I'm a child care worker in New Haven, CT, and I’m one of the essential workers who have kept our country running over these past several months. I care for children as their parents are forced to work, even as this virus devastates communities of color.

This election is about recognizing how everyone’s voice, with each unique perspective, must be respected and counted. If one group can't live in dignity, free from unsafe living and working conditions, then we're all at risk. 

In this moment, many corporations have been quick to claim that Black Lives Matter, yet have done little to nothing to implement and enforce policies that actually protect our health and economic security. No PPE? No sick days? No family-sustaining wages? No thanks. We won't have any of it.  

We need real leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who will champion our causes and concerns, like systemic racism, unchecked police brutality and a rigged economy that only works for the very few at the top. The voices of women of color, especially Black women, have been silenced and ignored for way too long. 

Through My Vote is Essential, we'll organize ourselves, register voters and empower our families and co-workers to join the fight for racial and economic justice by voting for change.

Pledge your vote for candidates who'll support essential workers.

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