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America Wants (and Needs) Home Care!


Home care workers are demanding Congress pass Build Back Better, with an essential investment in the care economy.

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Across the country, home care workers are demanding Congress pass Build Back Better, with an essential investment in the care economy. This wildly popular investment in care will lead to real change for home care workers, including good union jobs, and families in need of high-quality, accessible care.

Action for Care

Our leaders must understand the critical role home care workers play in helping our children, seniors and neighbors living with disabilities lead healthy, dignified lives within the safety of their homes. This pandemic has underscored the need for our most vulnerable to have more access to home care, limiting their exposure to COVID-19. 
Over the past several months, we participated in many direct actions to amplify home care worker and consumer experiences and educate members of Congress about home care.

Care workers and consumers participated in over 10 Walk-A-Day events, where Virginian Lt. Governor candidate Hala Ayala and members of Congress, including Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Josh Harder, witnessed first-hand home care experiences.

Over 19 in-person and virtual town halls enabled members of Congress, including Senators Tina Smith and Tammy Baldwin as well as Representatives Cory Bush and Frank J. Mrvan, consumers and home care workers to discuss the impacts a meaningful investment in care would create.

In 20 cities across the U.S. hundreds of consumers and home care workers rallied to show their support of Biden’s Build Back Better plan and essential care investments. We also held virtual rallies and invited members of Congress to attend.

Home care workers, consumers, and allies made hundreds of calls to members of Congress.

Consumers, allies, and home care workers signed petitions to persuade Congress to act. SEIU Locals 2015, HCII, and 1199N joined grassroots disability rights group ADAPT to deliver over 4.5 million petition signatures to Senator Bob Casey in support of care investments.

Home Care Workers and Consumers Speak Out

Home care workers, people receiving home care, and their families know that it’s time for home care workers to be compensated and respected like the essential workers they are.

Home care went from front pages to airwaves as fans of the famed podcast The Daily joined the Care Is Essential campaign and mobilized to reach out to Congress and champion their support of Biden’s Build Back Better bill’s care investment.
Listen here.

Voters Across Parties Support Care

We heard from voters from across parties and learned that voters overwhelmingly want Congress to invest in care! 

  • 81% support major investments in home care
  • 78% want long term care included in Biden’s Build Back Better plan
  • 85% want Congress to act to create quality, affordable home care 


And it’s not just voters who are talking about home care.

Source: Read the full article from the New York Times here 

Source: Read the full article from the 19th here 

Source: Read the full article from Vox here

It’s Time to Deliver

With Congress back in session, D.C. and surrounding neighborhoods were dressed in digital advertising, emphasizing widespread support of care.

Home care workers and consumers tell their stories in video ads, like the one below, which features Scott Lancianese, a former Coal Miner and stroke survivor who relies on home care.

Watch video ad

The message is clear: It’s time for Congress to invest in home care to create good union jobs and expand access to care.