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Arizona home care workers demand historic investment in care, jobs


Urge Congress to "bring the budget bill over the finish line"

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Arizona home care workers, consumers and advocates came together in Phoenix, AZ  to call on Congress to pass a once-in-a-generation investment in the nation’s care economy as part of the Build Back Better agenda. Essential home care workers marched on the Capitol carrying a banner reading “Care is Essential'' and wearing shirts outlining their demands for “Jobs. Home Care. Justice.” 

“For decades, home care workers like me have been raising the alarm about our broken care system to demand that workers are respected, protected, and paid living wages. Congress has the opportunity to deliver on their promises to support essential workers like me, and ensure that all Arizonans have access to the quality, affordable home care we need,” said Nelia Calda, a home care worker of 15 years from Scottsdale, Arizona. “Home care workers show up every day for our clients. If I don’t show up, my clients don't get the help they need. Now, we’re demanding that Arizona’s senators and Congress members show up for us, and bring the budget bill over the finish line with an investment in care that will change millions of lives.”


  • Watch the live stream here