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West Virginians call for Congress to invest in home care


Urge Senator Joe Manchin to support the home care portion of the Build Back Better Act

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In Huntington, WV, 1199SEIU members, care workers and allies came together to call on Congress to pass Build Back Better and invest in home care.

“Especially as the population continues to age, the nation needs more home care workers and needs to ensure that they are paid a living wage,”  said Vikki Tully, 1199SEIU WKO union member Vice President of West Virginia, Head Start teacher, and home care advocate.

Tully urged both of West Virginia’s U.S. senators — Democrat Joe Manchin and Republican Shelley Moore Capito — to support the home care portion of the Build Back Better Act.

“One of the things that scares me to death is that one of those things that could get chopped is the portion that goes to home care,” said West Virginia Del. Chad Lovejoy (D-Cabell). “This is an opportunity in a state like West Virginia, a state that has an older population and a disproportionately disabled population. We need home care more than anybody. This is a win-win. So I say to our federal representatives, stand strong on this one. Stand up for the values of West Virginia.”