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Home care workers celebrate Biden's commitment to caregiving in infrastructure speech


Held signs and banners declaring ‘Care Is Essential, Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us.’

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SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania home care workers rallied near the location of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan speech last week to lift up Biden’s commitment to a $400 billion investment to create good union home care jobs and make it easier for families to get the care they need. 

Home care workers were joined by other essential healthcare, security and janitorial workers as well as partners from immigrant and environmental justice groups to be visible along the route of the president’s motorcade. They held signs and banners declaring ‘Care Is Essential, Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us.’ 

Erica Payne, an HCPA home care worker who represents the vast majority of women of color who make up the care workforce, participated in the rally to greet Biden.

“For decades, the women of color like me who care for our communities organized, spoke out and fought for better pay, protections and the right to join a union. It’s a testament to our power that the President of the United States heard our demand and echoed it in his speech today,” said Payne.

Care workers are continuing their fight for a more just economy and resilient country that’s inclusive of fighting climate change, a path to citizenship for millions of immigrant families, freedom from anti-Black, anti-Asian Pacific Islander and anti-Latinx racism, and bold action on voting rights.

“Now we’re calling on Congress to pass President Biden’s economic recovery plan with at least a $400 billion investment in caregiving,” said Payne. “We’ll keep organizing until our elected leaders get this done.” 

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