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They’re Greedier Than We Thought


We’re more powerful than they know.

Marie Cook Early Childhood Head Start Worker IL

Hi, I'm Marie Cook, a Head Start teacher in the state of Illinois for our youngest residents:  6 weeks to 3 years old.

I know this from talking to parents over the years:  We all want stable communities that can financially provide for their residents—from early childhood education & well-maintained schools, parks & roads, clean air & water to affordable healthcare and compassionate care for our elders.

State taxes provide for these vital community services.

But guess who isn't paying into the stone soup?
Guess who isn't paying their fair share?

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute—containing never-before-available state-level data—shows that in many states, over 60% of corporations are paying ZERO dollars in state corporate income taxes!

We're all familiar with the headlines about corporations dodging federal taxes. Now we know a heap of 'em are evading state taxes too! Meanwhile, their corporate profits just keep growing.

All this comes at the expense of our communities. But there is hopeful news: we’re more powerful than they know. We’re coming together to demand state legislators rewrite the rules, establish greater corporate tax transparency so our communities know which companies don’t pay what they owe in taxes, and make them pay their fair share.

Corporations are dodging state taxes. Tax Day is an opportunity for community members and essential care and public service workers to come together and call on corporations to pay what they owe. When the rich pay their fair share, we all thrive. #TaxCorporations #FundOurCommunities