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When Your Boss Has All The Power…


#YouMightNeedAUnion - check it out.

You Might Need A Union1

Can you spot what these 2 posts have in common?

What about:

  • Putting the company's profits way over the welfare of the company's workers.
  • Undermining the workers’ abilities to control their own lives.
  • Disempowering each individual worker.

So here's what these posts are really saying:

So you won't pull your own weight?
You're lazy and selfish, huh.
Everyone knew it.

Wait, you think you're worth more money??
Get real.
You're not.

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When employees join together in a union, they no longer stand alone. They collectively negotiate a written, legally-binding contract with their employer, and that process (that two-way communication with equal footing) and that contract empowers them, giving them a real say at work.

The result is shared power—power for the workers to create needed improvements on the job for themselves, their families, and future employees.

The Union Difference

Did you know?

** Employees covered by a union contract earn 15% - 20% more than nonunion workers in similar jobs.

** 94% of union workers have access to employer-sponsored health benefits.

** 91% of union employees have access to paid sick days, compared with 73% of nonunion workers.

** 91% of workers covered by a union contract get paid vacation and paid holidays, whereas only 78% of nonunion employees get paid vacation and only 79% get paid holidays.

The way to get respect on the job → Yep, #YouMightNeedAUnion

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