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Take Action Today to Protect Life-Saving Asylum


Congress is willing to put our country’s life-saving asylum policy on the chopping block. Don’t let them!

By: Ana, SEIU Texas
Jan 31, 2024

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Congress is willing to put our country’s life-saving asylum policy on the chopping block. Don’t let them!

CALL TODAY >>> Remind Congress that asylum is a human right! 1-888-204-8353

Congress is once again playing with the lives of working people; this time, immigrant workers who simply seek the chance to live and work in safety.

Asylum is a legal means for people to find protection from persecution and danger, no matter our race, religion, or nationality. It’s law that was established more than 50 years ago and is a proven way to provide safety to people fleeing life-threatening conditions. It saves lives, but it’s at risk if the extremist Republican-led Congress has its way. These leaders are willing to use asylum as a bargaining chip in the Biden Administration’s bid to boost funding for war efforts in foreign countries.

We can’t let leaders play games with lives like mine or other union siblings with refugee roots. Hear our stories:

My story, Ana, SEIU Texas – Life in El Salvador changed after the 1972 election. I recall being stopped and searched at every bus stop and having to wave a white flag just to walk into the grocery store. With Temporary Protected Status (TPS) I can work and feel safe in the United States, free from civil war and danger.

Milixa, SEIU Local 6 – Milixa came to the U.S. from Honduras fleeing violence and poverty so unimaginable it is too painful for her to talk about. She didn't feel safe dropping her then four-year-old daughter at school because of gang violence against young women and girls. Today in the U.S., she works two jobs and is a first-time home buyer.

Olga, SEIU Texas - Olga arrived in the United States from El Salvador over 20 years ago due to the escalating presence of gangs and concern for her son's safety. Thanks to TPS, she works hard as a janitor and in turn, ensures her son receives a quality education allowing him to create a brighter future for his family.

Erica, SEIU 1199 – Erica left Venezuela eight years ago with her husband after receiving death threats. Today she is a home care worker and TPS holder. Erica describes the United States as her home and refuge and has dedicated herself to caring for people with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Maria Elena, SEIU 32BJ – Maria Elena came to the United States from Nicaragua. The unstable political system and a natural disaster put her and her family in danger. Her dream is to continue her life and work in the U.S. so her children and grandchildren can thrive and do good work like she does.

Tuach, Workers United - Tuach spent most of his childhood in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. In 2014, he came to the United States with his family and three children as refugees from South Sudan and soon began working at a distribution warehouse. Today he is a proud U.S. citizen!

Temu, Workers United – As a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Temu came to the United States in 2010 because of the war in his home country. Today he is a proud U.S. citizen.