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There’s no air travel without airport service workers!


You fly because we work! It’s time for Congress to WRITE US IN to the FAA

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This is our most important push to date!

This week (February 2024) the Senate will finally finalize the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization, WITH OR WITHOUT airport service workers.

We have to make sure they write us in. We have to make sure they ensure good wages and benefit standards for airport service workers.

My name is Peyton Abrams and I’ve loved flying all my life. I retired from military aviation, was a private pilot, and a crew scheduler for American Airlines. After I retired I missed the airport, so I came back to work at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) as an escort for unaccompanied minors flying on American Airlines. Despite this critical role, I have been shocked by just how poorly airport service workers are treated. Our hard work is met with poverty wages, often with no paid time off, short staffing levels, and lack of accessible benefits. I’ve had co-workers work full time and live in a shelter, or sleep at the airport. It isn’t right!

Don’t let Congress act without making your voice crystal clear.


Airport service workers have been demanding this for far too long. We’ve been standing up to share our stories, and some of us have gone on strike and even been arrested in peaceful protest because this fight for good jobs is just that important.

We don’t ask for anything we haven’t already earned and desperately need to live with dignity. Fair wages lift our communities—especially the communities of working people who have been discriminated against and purposefully kept down throughout the history of our country: women, Black, brown, and immigrant Americans.

And here’s the thing: 84% of workers who do the lowest-paid jobs within our airports are people of color. The Good Jobs for Good Airports wage and benefits standards will have the greatest impact on working people in the lowest-paid jobs.

This is our message: Congress, support 340,000 airport service workers across 60 airports—show working Americans like me that you can do your job and ensure workers are protected, respected, and paid.

We’re not taking no for an answer. Congress: WRITE US IN! Sign on now >>