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Greedflation exposed!


Corporate dishonesty at its worst. Sign on today to fight against outsized corporate power and FOR living wages.

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By Jeryllyn Jeanes, Janitor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While corporations are turning record profits, workers are making poverty wages, and many consumers are paying through the nose.

Tired of the price hikes workers are experiencing throughout the economy? That's Greedflation: when greedy corporations raise prices due to greed… but blame inflation.

As an original member of my organizing group of janitors, it's shameful that corporations are still playing the same games with our lives, even more than 30 years later! We’re tired of it and determined to expose the truth >>

And now, after months of hiking prices to boost profits, corporations are suddenly lowering them, raising and lowering prices as they choose but still refusing to pay living wages for workers like me.

Greedflation is OUTSIZED corporate power at work in our lives and shows there’s not enough corporate accountability in our country. This is unacceptable. We're sick of corporations exploiting us as workers and consumers, and then trying to silence us if we dare to rise up.

We need your voice to fight AGAINST outsized corporate power and FOR living wages. Sign on today!