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Working together, union members have the strength.

When workers come together around issues in the workplace, the goal is simple: to do together what they can’t do alone.

Better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and safer workplaces - are things all workers deserve. However one person demanding them will likely end in disappointment, but when your brothers and sisters rally beside you, the possibilities are endless.

The #FightFor15 if the perfect example of that unity and power: when 200 workers walked off the job in NYC calling for better wages, they had no idea they would inspire a nation-wide movement of workers coming together joining the all for an economy that works for all. The Fight for 15 now encompasses workers for every sector of the service sector: teachers, janitors, home care workers, and fast food workers are joining together to demand that they be paid a living wage that allows them to support their communities and that ones they love.

Workers united, will never be defeated.