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Our vision: invest in home care

It’s common sense to invest in home care.

Home care services save states hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Investing our public dollars in expanding and strengthening a system that allows seniors to live at home with dignity and independence -- rather than in nursing homes -- is not only what people want, It makes the most financial sense. In addition, public dollars that finance care services should go to workers’ wages, not agency profits or CEO bonuses.

It is time to have a national conversation about the best way to invest taxpayer dollars in high quality care for older Americans and people with disabilities. 10,000 people turn 65 every day and 90 percent of aging Americans want to stay in their own homes; home care plays a crucial role in our nation’s economic future.

The federal government must support in-home, long term care services to all who want and need them. Medicaid dollars, rather than prioritizing institutionalization, must be put to work keeping aging Americans, who want to live at home, independent.