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Why it matters.

Home care workers – who do hard, essential, compassionate work for millions of Americans – are leaders in the Fight for $15, demanding higher wages, benefits like paid sick leave, and a better care system for our clients.

The demand for home care is exploding but the system doesn’t work for anyone. Families can’t afford to get the care they need and workers can’t afford to provide it.

Home care jobs are among the fastest growing jobs in the country, but they’re also among the lowest paid. The median annual wage for home care workers is just $13,000 a year. The first step to strengthening and improving home care in this country is raising wages for home care workers.

SEIU’s brave members are joining with nonunion home care workers in the fight for $15 - a fight for independence, dignity, and justice for our families and communities.

Everyone should have access to the services they need so they can live in their own homes with dignity and independence. And no one should be paid poverty wages and denied decent benefits to do this important work.

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