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Our code of ethical practices and conflict of interest policy

SEIU supports the strong commitment of its leaders and staff to the highest ethical standards in all their dealings on behalf of the membership. An ethical culture is an essential part of SEIU's identity and its mission of justice for all.

In June 2009, SEIU's International Executive Board adopted a wide range of ethics policies and practices, including an SEIU Code of Ethical Practices and Conflict of Interest Policy, to strengthen its commitment to the highest ethical standards. In January 2016, the Board approved and adopted revisions to the Code. The Revised Code appears at the link below.

Each SEIU affiliate is required to appoint an Ethics Liaison to serve as a resource for questions and concerns about ethics and the Code. Ethics inquiries can also be directed to Saerom Park, the SEIU Ethics Ombudsperson, at Ethics@SEIU.org or at (202) 730-7184.

You can read the Ethics Code in full here.
Lea el Código de Prácticas Éticas de SEIU aquí.