Air Force veteran, union leader Jimmy Moore

“Being active in my union gives me a better sense of belonging.”

By: Marakah Mancini

By: Marakah Mancini

After 27 years in the Air Force, Jimmy Moore is well-equipped to think and react quickly – and as part of a team – in life-threatening situations. “A gentleman had a heart attack. We called emergency services. It took one minute to recognize the problem and 30 seconds to react. He was taken to the hospital at the next station.”

A Customer Protection Officer, ret. Master Sergeant Moore handles emergencies on passenger trains in Portland, Oregon – everything from missing children and senior citizens to medical emergencies. “I enjoy serving the public,” MSG Moore says. “I have a really good relationship with the train employees and with the public. It’s a 10/10 relationship.”

A proud union leader, Moore stands with his fellow security officers to win fair pay and dignity at work – and to support thousands of service workers who are organizing to get the economy back on track. “I joined my union in 2013, and have participated in trainings, leadership conferences, rallies, marches, lobby day at the legislature, and anything I can,” he says. “Being active in my union gives me a better sense of belonging.”

Without a union, private security officers often face low wages and benefits, which lead to high turnover and poor team cohesion, not to mention unstable communities.

“I know that the work I do with my union is helping American families, when it comes to healthcare, wages and benefits. The Fight for $15 is wonderful. It must happen.”

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