SEIU members, Flint residents demand answers to water crisis

The families of Flint are standing up to Gov. Snyder for a better tomorrow

By: Barbara Carr - Homecare Worker Flint, Mich.

By: Barbara Carr - Homecare Worker Flint, Mich.

I knew immediately that something was wrong. My water was yellow and had a funny smell. However, when we complained about the water, they told us it was safe. We now know that was never true.

My family, like so many others in Flint, Mich., was exposed to toxic water for more than two years before being told the truth. Can you imagine if this were your children, your grandparents, your loved ones?

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been at the center of this controversy since the beginning. When he testifies before Congress about his delayed response to this tragedy, I’ll be there.

I’m joining other families from Flint to hold him accountable. We are traveling from Michigan because we deserve answers and we deserve to have the issues properly addressed.

Our children may have long-term complications as a result of prolonged exposure to lead. That’s why we also need long term healthcare, education and economic assistance to be available to all affected communities.

The water crisis has not only affected our health but also had a negative effect on our economy. Our home values have plummeted and we have been forced to pay outrageous bills for toxic water.

It’s expensive to use bottled water for our baths, cooking our food, and washing our fruit. It’s nearly impossible to keep the elderly people in my care clean under these circumstances.

I want to trust the governor will take care of this but I can’t. His bottom-line approach to governing has left us unprotected. He has not been honest with us throughout this process and his latest proposed budget does not provide all of the resources needed to rebuild our city.

Join us as we stand up to Gov. Snyder and stand up for the safe and just community that we deserve. Sign our petition.

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