Detroit City Council supports $15 minimum wage

"One Detroit" campaign aims to secure at least $15 an hour for downtown sanitation workers.

The movement to raise Detroit’s minimum wage got a boost when the Detroit City Council approved a resolution backing SEIU Local 1’s One Detroit campaign which aims to secure at least $15 an hour for downtown sanitation workers.

 Detroit sanitation workers, who currently earn between $9.25 and $12.45 an hour, began contract negotiations with the city on June 14th. Their current contract is set to expire on July 31. Councilman Scott Benson said council’s resolution will help ensure "that workers citywide also receive the benefits of the resurgence of the city as whole."

 "We all need the opportunity to share in the prosperity from Detroit's 'rebirth,' not just the wealthy owners," said SEIU Local 1 member and janitor at Chase Tower Daniel Bell.

 "Making sure all Detroiters make at least $15 per hour and have union rights is a good start,” he continued. “These developments are built with our tax dollars — $15 per hour and union rights is the least they could do in return."

 Read more about this resolution from SEIU Local 1.

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