There is no economic justice without racial justice.

Workers are rising up to demand Black lives are valued.

In this moment of national reckoning, working people from across the nation and allies in the interconnected fights for justice joined together for the Strike for Black Lives. Join us in continuing to call for justice for Black communities, that elected officials use their authority to rewrite the rules so that Black people can thrive, that corporations dismantle racism, white supremacy and economic exploitation including at work, and that every worker has the opportunity to join a union.


SEIU stands in solidarity with the movement for Black lives and supports its demands for racial and economic justice. Below you will find more information on the actions we’re taking. Read our full resolution here.

SEIU’s Henry: Continued police violence against the Black community must end

Amid our outrage and grief, I’m inspired by those taking to the streets and demanding change...

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SEIU’s Henry: Justice for Rayshard Brooks Means Holding Police Accountable

“I am heartbroken and outraged that yet another Black man has died as the result of an encounter with law enforcement..."

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SEIU Announces Support for Movement for Black Lives

SEIU’s International Executive Board passed a resolution today in support of the Movement for Black Lives and their call to end the War on Black People.

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Diverse set of leaders stand up in show of unity, support for protecting Black lives

Leaders across the progressive spectrum demonstrate unity and support for protecting Black lives and protestors who have taken to the streets.

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SEIU’s Henry: Trump’s attacks on people who want America to live up to its highest ideals are unacceptable—he should resign

In America, we should all be able to live with safety and security, regardless of the color of our skin.

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SEIU’s Henry: Officers responsible for the death of George Floyd must be held accountable

Awareness is not enough—it must lead to action. In Minneapolis, that means arresting and charging the officers responsible for the death of George Floyd.

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Live Walk Out Wednesday Videos

Each Wednesday, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and Reverend William Barber join workers who are taking action for justice. Check out our conversations centering the movement for Black lives.

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Online we are lifting up the voices of our members as they take to the streets and mobilize in support of Black lives. See the latest here.


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