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The Year of the Worker


Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

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Along with record levels of inequality came an unprecedented and powerful response from working people. Throughout 2019, from nurses and fast-food workers to factory workers and school employees, we demanded better working conditions and our right to a voice through a union. We rallied, protested, marched and even went on strike to fight for good jobs and the better futures our families deserve. 

And those actions resulted in big wins. Together, we’re reshaping our country and demanding a fix for the rigged economy. That’s why we’re celebrating 2019 as the year of the worker. 

Check out some of the top victories working people have won by coming together to demand better this year:

Yolanda McGrone
Chicago School Workers Win Big After 11-Day Strike

Roberto Martinez
McDonald’s Workers Win $26 Million Settlement Over Stolen Wages

Stacey Bias
West Virginia Nurses Win Their Union, Stand Up for Patients

Ayde Jaime
40,000 Child Care Providers Win Right to Form a Union October

Georgette Bradford
85,000 Kaiser Permanente Workers Win Job Improvements September

Adarra Benjamin
Illinois Home Care Workers Win $30M in Back Pay

Brian Yarbrough
Cleveland Janitors Win Pay Hikes for Their Families, Communities

Stacey Wadle
Adjunct Professors Win a Union at Largest Community College in the Country

Tseganesh Endegeshet
Denver Airport Employees Win $15 & a Union

Regina McMillian
Security Officers Nationwide Win Living Wages & More January