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Colorado SEIU members join community organizers and advocacy groups in calling on Congress to hold corporations accountable for greed as part of a national day of action


Corporations are spending millions to tank popular, progressive provisions in the budget package

000 000 Co Wins

SEIU members, community organizers, leaders, and advocates for corporate accountability held a demonstration today outside an Amazon corporate office in downtown Denver.  They called attention to its multi-million dollar lobbying efforts against President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. The protest was part of a national day of action with other events across the country targeting corporate entities and comes on the heels of a newly released report highlighting hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying by giant corporations against the Build Back Better agenda.

“All across the country, care workers, who are predominantly women of color, provide compassionate skilled care that allows our elders and those with disabilities in our communities to live with dignity,” said Cody Jakubowski a care worker with Colorado Care Workers Unite. “But we aren’t even being paid enough to afford stable housing. This is a crisis, and it doesn't just impact care workers, it impacts the people who depend on our care, too.”

This action comes as numerous news sources reveal that corporations are spending millions to tank popular, progressive provisions in the budget package.  These measures would deliver direct assistance to millions of struggling families and people, and make real investments in our economy and our ability to protect our communities from climate change.