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Sewing Dresses With My Mom


She is so important to me. Please share this video with President Biden to help keep families together.

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By Marilyn Miranda

Hi, my name is Marilyn. I'm 13 years old, and I was born in Washington, D.C. This past June I spoke at a press conference at Lafayette Park in D.C. (video below) urging President Biden to help keep families from Central America like mine together, protected, and safe.

My mother Soledad Miranda is a member of SEIU 32BJ, a full-time janitor during the week, a street food vendor on the weekends, a fierce advocate for immigrant rights, and a leader for the TPS Alliance. She was born in El Salvador, from which she fled 30 years ago, and she has Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

I am asking President Biden to please keep my mom here with me so she can continue to be my number one supporter when I graduate from high school and when I go to college. My dream is to become a lawyer to help defend immigrant families like mine.

My mom is my motivation when I feel like I can't do something, especially in school, and she leads me toward the correct path every day. Some of my favorite subjects are writing, math, and geography.

My favorite hobbies are sewing clothes and dancing to folklore from El Salvador. I love it when my mom and I just chill and talk about our day while watching TV, but my favorite moment with her is when she shows me how to use a sewing machine as we make dresses for my folklore dances. It's bonding time for us.

Please help me and other U.S. citizen children & grandchildren of immigrant essential workers get our message out about keeping families together. Thank you.

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Me speaking at a press conference this past summer: