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MYTH: "Immigrants are freeloaders who drain federal and state coffers"

Study after study shows that undocumented immigrants contribute more to the economy than they take. Despite the myths, undocumented immigrants are not eligible for most public services--like food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid.

According to the Texas Comptroller, eliminating Texas' undocumented population in 2005 would have generated a 2.1 percent decline in the gross state product, a 2.3 percent decline in employment and a 2.6 percent decline in personal income.

America's prosperity has long depended on the hard work, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of immigrant workers. Just as they have done for centuries, immigrants fuel the U.S. economy and create more opportunities for native-born workers. In fact immigrant buying power continues to surge: in 2008, Latino buying power totalled $951 billion and Asian buying power totalled $509.1 billion.