Devon Countee

Devon Countee has been with SEIU for 3 years in his role as Local Strength Coordinator for Together We Rise. Devon supports eight of our Northeast and Mid-Atlantic local unions in the development and implementation of their member sign up, leader development, and contract campaign priorities. 

Devon’s work is critical to advancing the Build Power, Win Justice agenda adopted by SEIU members last summer – specifically, to connecting every member, empowering every leader, and moving SEIU towards becoming an anti-racist organization at every level. Devon coordinates with locals on their Next Generation Contract Campaigns and New Member Experience goals. In his work, he assists locals with best practices centered on member sign-up planning, racial justice, union security and driving transformation through technology such as PurpleText, the use of the NYC call center, and online membership forms. His work also includes mentoring and training local union staff on organizing conversations including the new Welcome Rap designed for new hires. Devon looks forward to seeing the creative ways locals will engage both members and potential members this year during their contract campaigns.  

What Devon likes most about working at SEIU is the opportunity to work with a fun and highly motivated team dedicated to helping local practitioners think big and bold when developing strategies to build power with our members.