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Why "Change that Works?"

Americans have spoken powerfully for change -- change that both revives our failing economy and builds it stronger, and fairer, for the future. An economy where hard work means you can make a good living and fulfill your dreams instead of treading water or falling behind.

SEIU will involve millions of Americans in an intensive state-by-state campaign to help President Obama enact Change That Works -- change that gets our economy back on track now, and for generations to come.

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Our Goals

  • Pass an economic recovery plan to keep people working, create millions of new jobs, and maintain services for our communities.
  • Pass the Employee Free Choice Act to ensure that workers, not just CEOs, can benefit from the economic progress they help create and advocate for the best quality for those they serve.
  • Fix our healthcare system so that it lowers costs and provides quality, affordable health care for all.

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