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Minnesota Homecare Workers Rising: "I Am Only One Person, What Can I Do?"

Shaquonica Johnson of Brooklyn Park, Minn., wanted to work in the health care field for most of her life. As a teenager, she decided to go into nursing to help those around her live healthier, longer lives.

Daughter puts career on hold to care for ailing mother, then joins in fight for better jobs and better care for many others just like them 

Darleen says many people think it's just natural for a child to take care of their parent, not realizing that she is sacrificing her own career. She works three jobs and a minimum of 70 hours a week with low wages and no benefits to show for it.

It'll Be Mother's Day Every Day in Minnesota!

If you're still looking for a last minute gift for Mother's Day? Get her a place in Minnesota so she'll have an opportunity to enjoy a dignified retirement. It's no secret that American women are twice as likely to retire...

Locals in minnesota

SEIU Local 26 - Property Services
706 North 1st Street, Suite 110, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: (612) 331-8336

Public School Employees Local 63 - Public Sector
67 8th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: (617) 378-0422

SEIU Local 284 - Public Sector
450 Southview Blvd, South St Paul, MN 55075
Phone: (651) 256-9100

SEIU Healthcare Minnesota - Health Care
345 Randolph Ave Ste 100, St. Paul, MN 55102
Phone: (651) 294-8100

Minnesota State Council, SEIU
2233 University Ave W Ste 422, SAINT PAUL, MN 55114

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