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Marisol Aguilar, Special Education Assistant


All of us, no matter where we’re from or what we look like, want the same thing — to provide for our families and build a better future. We know if we allow ourselves to be divided, we will lose important protections and make it easier for employers to cut our wages, our benefits, or even our jobs.

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I knew ever since I was in 6th grade that I wanted to be an educator. Now I work as a Special Education Assistant helping kids with special needs learn the curriculum in a way that works for them. The most rewarding thing is knowing that my students accomplished something, and that I helped plant the seed that allowed them to figure it out. I feel the same way about what I do as a union member--I love working for and with my coworkers to improve things.

Having a union gives me backbone when it matters. At one point, I was worried that I would be transferred out of my school, but because we have a union I felt confident enough to have a direct conversation with our administrator. I was able to stay in the school I love because I feel safe to advocate for what’s right for me, my coworkers, and the kids.

I don’t want a handout, and I know that to win anything you have to work hard and sometimes stand up to powerful people. I can do that because I have a union and know that my coworkers have my back.

Marisol Aguilar
Special Education Assistant
Proud SEIU Member
Los Angeles, CA