SEIU members are on the front lines of the coronavirus, caring for the sick, seniors and people with disabilities. We keep our communities clean, safe and healthy.

COVID-19 is preventable and treatable, but only if we ensure working people are informed and protected. There are many ways we can reduce the spread of COVID-19. The most important among them are getting vaccinated, wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Basic wellness practices like wearing a mask in public and staying home if we’re sick can also help reduce the spread.

SEIU members and millions of other service and care workers across the country are on the front lines of this crisis every day, putting our health at risk care for people sickened by the virus and providing essential services to keep our communities going. It’s important for working people to have information to help keep themselves, their families and communities healthy, as well as resources to help the many working people who are struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the crisis.

For more specific information about your state, industry, or employer, contact your local union.

Coronavirus Resources for SEIU Members

Coronavirus Health Resources

Financial Resources

Resources for Healthcare and Home Care Workers

Resources for Public Sector Workers

What We’re Fighting For

America’s working people are seeing the country through this pandemic--just as we have in past crises. We must stand together and fight to create a better country coming out of it. Congress must make addressing the COVID-19 pandemic a top priority. First and foremost, we need comprehensive relief legislation that ensures every family -- Black, brown, white, AAPI and Indigeonous -- is healthy, safe and secure. Here’s what SEIU members are fighting for as we continue our demands to be respected, protected and paid.

All working people should:

Have access to paid sick time and paid leave no matter where they work.

Earn at least $15 an hour - no matter where you work or what job you do.

Receive time and a half of their salary for essential work during the pandemic.

Have access to quality, affordable healthcare, whether or not they’re currently employed.

Be able to access testing, vaccines, healthcare, and economic relief--regardless of immigration status.

Have access to proper personal protective equipment (PPE). We must ensure sufficient production and distribution of PPE nationally for every worker who needs it.

Congress must pass legislation to:

Provide aid for states and cities to keep workers employed and ensure that essential government functions are not cut or privatized.

Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all working people.

Expand healthcare coverage for the uninsured and prevent workers with coverage from losing access if they experience reduced hours, lose their job, or are furloughed.

Finish the promise of $2,000 stimulus checks by ensuring families receive monthly direct cash payments of up to $1,400 for each adult.

Prioritize resources for communities that are most affected and least-served by tracking the impact of COVID-19 by race.

Increase investment in unemployment insurance, food assistance (SNAP), and child care so no one goes hungry and everyone can care for their children throughout this crisis.

Enact a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures and evictions, power and water shutoffs, and student debt collection because no one should lose their home, be exposed to dangerous heat or cold or have their credit ruined due to the pandemic